The Eighth Notch (T8N) Announces $3.5 Million Funding Round Led by EIF to Further its Mission of Delivering Cost and Sustainability Savings to Final Mile Logistics

November 15, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

ALAMO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Eighth Notch, Inc. (T8N), an innovative technology platform focused on logistics for last-mile deliveries, announced today that it secured a $3.5 million investment round led by Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF), a leading sustainability-focused, early growth stage investment firm. This latest investment round is targeted at driving scale, channel expansion, and repeatable revenue for the company. The investment will further the company’s mission of “densifying” deliveries, significantly reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions inherent in today’s last mile deliveries.

T8N provides purpose-built logistics technology solutions with cost-effectiveness and sustainability at their core. T8N’s patent-pending technology identifies and engineers opportunities to eliminate stops in the final mile of delivery by increasing the number of packages delivered to the same destination at the same time.

The company has strategically partnered with a global package carrier to pilot and deliver this ground-breaking technology. T8N’s first-of-its-kind technology platform enables the carrier to eliminate unnecessary delivery stops by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and transforming data from shippers further upstream into highly accurate and predictable opportunities to merge packages downstream. Reducing the number of delivery stops per trip not only saves time and operating costs, but also has a significant and measurable reduction on the carbon footprint of delivery – enabling both carriers and shippers to meet their decarbonization goals.

“T8N is proud to align with EIF – a leader in technology investment focused on driving environmental sustainability,” said T8N Founder and CEO Jamie Sapp. “Our mantra is simple – the best route to a sustainable mile is the one never driven. Towards that end, T8N has covered significant ground in our two-plus years in business, and this investment from EIF will help us take the next step in our journey. EIF’s expertise in sustainable innovation will unlock new opportunities going forward, as we aggressively enable real carbon avoidance.”

“EIF is excited to partner with T8N on the massive opportunity – and imperative – to reduce the carbon footprint of e-commerce. When we identified the team at T8N in the course of our logistics research, we found what they offered to be unique, impactful, and important,” commented Sasha Brown, EIF Partner and T8N Board Member. “T8N is part of the suite of solutions the logistics industry needs to ultimately become more sustainable in the context of its ongoing expansion.”

About The Eighth Notch, Inc.

The Eighth Notch, Inc. (T8N) has created a patent-pending, first-of-its-kind technology platform enabling shippers and carriers to eliminate unnecessary delivery truck stops by sharing data further upstream, better coordinating, and ultimately synchronizing deliveries. By synchronizing deliveries, T8N unlocks significant cost savings, operational improvements and contributes to more environmentally sustainable deliveries. In the process, we’ve addressed a critical challenge that carriers have wrestled with since the rise of e-commerce, how to increase delivery density while keeping customers happy.

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About Ecosystem Integrity Fund

Ecosystem Integrity Fund (EIF) invests in early growth-stage companies contributing to environmental sustainability across multiple sectors including renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste reduction, green chemistry, transportation, agriculture, and water. EIF takes a systems-based approach to sustainability investment, studying both the drivers for change as well as the constraints to innovation in market niches that are ripe for development. EIF invests in companies solving real problems, resulting in better investment opportunities and greater impact. The firm has over $450 million in assets under management.

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